Project Description

Structural Forged Knuckle Joint – Export

Bespoke forgings for the base of structural support frames on the side of a new oil rig. A Cup and Cone provides a flexible joint to allow for up to ±10° of movement of the structure. Manufactured in ASTM A694 grade steel to NORSOK M-123, the contact patch on the Cup is inlayed with UNS N06625 (Ni alloy), the contact patch on the Cone is weld inlayed with Haynes Ultimate (Co alloy). The different materials essential to prevent galling.
Key Supply Features:
1) 3D Non-Linear FEA to ASME VIII Div 2 Part 5.
2) Full sized forging sacrificial testing to verify mechanical strength properties at varying section thickness.
3) Project specific weld inlay qualification for Haynes Ultimate onto ASTM A694 material.
4) 3D Optical scanning for dimensional inspection (pre-inlay & post inlay).
5) Full sized trial fit test to verify ±10° of movement and zero galling.
6) Weldability tests.
7) Special structural shipping & handling frames.